Finding the best stories in NYC is my job.

I'm a writer and a journalist. And since I'm German, I often deliver articles to German media. Oh, you can't read any German? Try Twitter to stay tuned. Or listen to interviews in English, published as bonus episodes in my podcast Notizen aus Amerika. You would like me to interview yourself or your client? Get in touch and propose a story.

See you?!

Petrina Engelke

+ Stand and deliver?

Not so fast! I make money because I deliver - which I have proven in different fields of journalism and literature.

For instance, I co-wrote the book USA 151 (2020) with Kai Blum, after my blog Moment: New York had inspired a German publisher to offer me a book contract resulting in Fettnäpfchenführer New York (2016). Several European magazines - Business Ladys (and yes, that's how they spell their name!), Heimatdesign, and Galore - counted on me as their editor-in-chief, while newspapers somehow prefer to ask me to oversee their newsdesks late at night. I taught interview skills and creative writing at several German schools and universities. I hosted interview programs and panels at major events like Frankfurt Book Fair. A few of my short stories have been published, and I have been booked for readings.

+ I focus on people.

I talk to them. I watch what they do.

I write profiles, interviews and reportages about people in culture, science and economics.

This is a handful of people I interviewed:

Elizabeth Strout  |  Jason Wu  |  James Frey  |  Robin Nagle  |  Suzanne Vega

Nick Wooster  |  Angy Rivera  |  Caroline Weaver  |  Ronnie Spector

Maybe one day, you'll find your name here, too.

* p.eng

No, I am not a professional engineer. Still, my business is called p.eng.

It's my (first and last) name, after all.

In German, peng also is the equivalent to what you would call bang
as in Big Bang Theory (which would translate into an entirely different word, however), or bang on target.

And that's the way I work: Taking time to aim. Then hitting the bull's eye.